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#1 Financial Institution in the United States

July 2021
Top U.S. institution agrees to a pilot program to test Python Fundamentals™ with their professional traders.

August 2021
Pilot program is successful, training 200+ traders across North America, Europe, and Asia.

September 2021
Top U.S. institution decides to expand the Python Fundamentals™ program to 400+ global traders on a recurring annual basis.

#1 Financial Institution in Canada

April 2020
Top Canadian institution agrees to a pilot program to test Python Fundamentals™ with their professional traders. 

May 2020
Pilot program is successful. Top Canadian institution decides to expand the pilot program on a recurring annual basis.

May 2021
Top Canadian institution's second annual class of professional traders completes the Python Fundamentals™ course.

Real-World Finance Projects

After mastering the fundamentals, you will learn applied financial machine learning by building two real algorithms from start to finish, each based on real-world technology being used today to advise Fortune 500 investment banking clients.


World-Class Video Instruction

Get the same training content used by top financial institutions like J.P. Morgan and Royal Bank of Canada with the flexibility to watch on any device whenever your schedule allows.

Learn Python via Excel Analogues

You might not know it yet, but you already have some fundamental coding skills. PyFi is the only place you can learn to code in Python faster and easier by building on your Excel skills.

Interactive Coding Exercises

Learn by doing and code alongside each lesson with interactive exercises in Jupyter Notebooks, free collaboration software used by professional developers.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Ralph R.

Investment Banking Analyst

"If you are in the finance industry, or even a student aspiring to break in, Machine Learning Edge is absolutely essential. It is no secret that coding is the literacy of today, and MLE goes above and beyond in equipping you with the coding and machine learning knowledge increasingly demanded in the finance industry. 

 Those who do not adapt will be left behind. Machine Learning Edge is one of the most pivotal investments you will make in your professional career!"

Will N.

Investment Banking Analyst

"Machine Learning Edge is a fantastic introduction to machine learning applications of finance. It provides you with an excellent road map all the way from python basics to advanced machine learning algorithms. I constantly see new ways to apply what I have learned to projects in the workplace every day.

It very well may be the only way to stay relevant in the ever-changing financial services field and will give you a massive leg up over your peer group."

Terrence Z.

Investment Banking Analyst

"Machine Learning Edge is a rare find because it is tailored for busy finance professionals

As an analyst at a major investment bank, I was able to take several Python and Machine Learning techniques from this course and use them to improve relevant projects."

Brad B.

Private Equity Associate

 "I was very impressed with the course. As a buy-side investment professional, I can definitely see how this course could be used to not only make oneself more marketable, but to actually improve investment decisions and performance."

Jack V.

Debt Capital Markets Analyst

 "Machine Learning Edge content is carefully curated to maximize retention and effectively bridges the gap between developed financial and data science skill-sets. Wall Street, meet Silicon Valley."

Gage C.

Mathematics Undergraduate

 "An incredible strength of Machine Learning Edge is the real world examples it brings into play. These are not some hypothetical applications of the material that are taken out of a textbook; these are real world, concrete, and ready for application in the student’s career. Every piece of information you are given is valuable and ready to be put to use."

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