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"One of the most pivotal investments you will make in your professional career."

Ralph R., Investment Banking Professional & Machine Learning Edge Graduate

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Stand out in your career by delivering what your firm needs.


What does that mean for you?


After about 20 hours of coursework, you will have all of the technical skills to create your own custom machine learning algorithms, but that’s not all. Even more importantly, you will be trained to identify the ideal opportunities to apply this technology in your specific environment, so that you can immediately use your new skills to make an impact. Plus, you will have multiple experiences of creating solutions to real-world finance problems – projects you can add to your resume for an interview or your brag sheet before bonus review.


What does that really mean for you?


Ultimately, the Machine Learning Edge Professional Training System is about empowering you to make a significant impact and take control of your career. You have always been an achiever. In a rapidly evolving finance industry, our job is to quickly equip you with the tools you need to realize your existing potential.


Get Real Results Now with Machine Learning Edge:


Real-World Financial Machine Learning Projects

After mastering the fundamentals, learn applied financial machine learning by building two real algorithms from start to finish, each based on real-world technology being used today to advise Fortune 500 investment banking clients.


Flexible Video Instruction

Each lesson contains video instruction so you can get the content you need with the flexibility to watch whenever your schedule allows.

Learn Coding Through Excel Analogues

You just might not know it yet, but you are already skilled at most coding fundamentals. By connecting new knowledge to your existing Excel expertise (instead of starting from scratch), you will master the Python coding language with substantially less time and effort.

Interactive Coding Exercises

Learn by doing and code alongside each lesson with interactive exercises in Jupyter Notebooks, free collaboration software used by professional developers.

Founder & CEO Zachary Washam has trained investment bankers, traders, and countless other finance professionals and students from the following institutions:

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"The  finance industry is changing. Don't get left behind
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