Equipping Finance Professionals Since 2018

Zach Washam

Chief Executive Officer

While learning Python as an investment banker, Zach made an interesting observation: Python programming had a lot in common with the Excel models he made at work. By thinking of Python like Excel, Zach quickly learned the coding language and invented Wells Fargo Securities' first machine learning algorithm for investment banking and capital markets.

After submitting two algorithms for patent protection and winning Wells Fargo's 2018 "Local Sphere Innovation Award," Zach left investment banking to launch PyFi.

Gill Chowdhury

Chief Marketing Officer

Gill's passion for delivering outrageous value to clients emerged out of necessity during his successful 13-year career in New York City real estate - one of the most competitive markets on earth.

Shortly after PyFi began in 2018, Gill met Zach and helped PyFi expand by generating new distribution partnerships. Gill officially joined PyFi in 2021 as a co-owner and the company's Chief Marketing Officer, leading the strategic shift to offer PyFi courses directly to consumers.